Realme Unveils Exciting Deals for Festive Days: Save Big on Realme 11 Pro, realme 11, realme GT, realme narzo, and More

Don’t miss out on the great bank offers and discounts during the Realme Festive Days sale if you’re thinking about purchasing a Realme smartphone. From October 22 to October 29, 2023, these deals will be accessible on the Realme website, Flipkart, and View all the pertinent information about the sales below.

Realme Holiday Days Sale: Schedule and Deals

The Festive Days deal will begin at midnight on October 22 and end on October 29. On October 21, a special early access sale will also be accessible only on Flipkart. Starting on October 21, customers may explore all the deals on Realme products and take advantage of the savings on Flipkart. Bank incentives and no-cost EMI options on a variety of smartphones are available to clients of ICICI, SBI, and HDFC banks during the sale. Check out the offers on the sale page by clicking here.

Realme Festive Days Sale: Flipkart and the Realme website provide

From October 22 at 12:00 AM to October 29 at 12:00 AM, customers may take advantage of great offers on the purchase of the realme 11 Pro Series 5G, realme 11 Series 5G, realme C series, realme GT series, and realme AIOT on Flipkart and On October 21, there will also be an early access sale for Flipkart users.

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Utilized abbreviations

NCE stands for no-cost EMI, and NA stands for not applicable.

Model NameVariantCurrent PriceBank Offers and EMI optionsDiscount OffersCouponSale Price
Realme 11 Pro 5G8GB + 128GBRs 23,999Rs 1,000 Rs 2,000NARs 20,999
8GB + 256GBRs 24,999Rs 1,000 + 9-month NCENARs 1000Rs 22,999
Realme 11 5G8GB + 128GBRs 18,999NARs 2,000Rs 1000Rs 15,999
8GB + 256GBRs 19,999Rs 1,000 + 6 month NCEN/ARs 500Rs 18,499
Realme C536GB + 64GBRs 10,999NARs 500Rs 1000Rs 9,499
4GB + 128GBRs 9,999NANANARs 9,999
6GB + 128GBRs 11,999NARs 1,000Rs 1000Rs 9,999
Realme 11 Pro+ 5G8GB + 256GBRs 27,999Rs 1,000Rs 2,000NARs 24,999
12GB + 256GBRs 29,999Rs 1,000 + 6 month NCENANARs 28,999
Realme 11x5G6GB + 128GBRs 14,999NARs 1,000Rs 1000Rs 12,999
8GB + 128GBRs 15,9993 month NCENARs 1000Rs 14,999
Realme C554GB + 64GBRs 10,999NARs 1,000Rs 1000Rs 8,999
6GB + 64GBRs 11,999NANANARs 11,999
8GB + 128GBRs 13,999NANARs 1000Rs 12,999
Realme C514GB + 64GBRs 8,999NARs 1,000NARs 7,999
Realme GT Neo 38GB + 128GBRs 36,999NARs 6,000NARs 30,999
8GB + 256GBRs 38,999NARs 6,000NARs 32,999
12GB + 256GBRs 42,999NARs 6,000NARs 36,999
Realme GT 2 Pro8GB + 128GBRs 49,999Rs 1,000Rs 22,000NARs 26,999
12GB + 256GBRs 57,999Rs 1,000Rs 22,000NARs 34,999
Realme Buds Air 5Rs 3,699NARs 700NARs 2,999
Realme Buds Air 5 ProRs 4,999Rs 300NANARs 4,699
Realme Pad 26GB + 128GBRs 19,999Rs 1,500Rs 1,500NARs 16,999
8GB + 256GBRs 22,999Rs 2,500Rs 1,500NARs 18,999
Realme Pad mini4GB + 64GBRs 13,999Rs 2,000Rs 2,000NARs 9,999

Realme Festive Days Sale: Deals on Amazon and Realme

Customers can take advantage of exclusive offers on the purchase of the realme narzo 60x 5G, realme narzo N53,  realme narzo 60 Series 5G, and realme narzo N55, available exclusively on and starting October 22nd at 12 AM.

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Model NameVariantCurrent PriceBank Offers and EMI optionsDiscount OffersCouponSale Price
Realme narzo 60x 5G6GB + 128GBRs 14,499NARs 1,500NARs 12,999
4GB + 128GBRs 12,999NARs 1,000Rs 500Rs 11,499
Realme narzo N534GB + 64GBRs 8,999NARs 1,000NARs 7,999
6GB + 128GBRs 10,999NARs 1,500NARs 9,499
Realme narzo N556GB + 128GBRs 12,999NANARs 2,000Rs 10,999
Realme narzo 60 Pro 5G12GB + 1TBRs 29,999NARs 3,000Rs 1,000Rs 25,999
12GB + 256GBRs 26,999NARs 3,000Rs 1,000Rs 22,999
8GB + 128GBRs 23,999Rs 1,000Rs 2,000NARs 20,999
Realme narzo 60 5G8GB + 128GBRs 17,999NARs 1,500Rs 1,000Rs 15,499
8GB + 256GBRs 19,999NARs 1,500Rs 1,000Rs 17,499

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