Realme 11x 5G Review: The Perfect Phone for Gamers on a Budget

Realme 11x 5G Review

Realme 11x 5G Review: The Realme 11x 5G, the newest model in the “Number Series” of smartphones from the Chinese company Realme, comes equipped with a 120Hz display, SUPERVOOC rapid charging, and the Dimensity 6100+ chipset. It is the latest entry-level 5G smartphone from Realme, and it competes with devices like Xiaomi’s Redmi 12 5G and Samsung’s M14 5G.

Realme 11x 5G prices range from Rs 14,999 for the base model with 6GB of RAM to Rs 15,999 for the one with 8GB of RAM. There is 128GB of internal storage in both variants. The phone’s ‘S-curve gradient design’ and thin 7.89mm casing make it stand out from the crowd. Has this brand-new low-cost smartphone what it takes to distinguish it from the competition? Here are our opinions after using the phone as our main tool for the past few days.

Design and Display


The Realme 11x 5G has a really distinctive design and a sleek, contemporary appearance. An S-shaped pattern of reflection may be seen in the back panel. This glossy, patterned “S-curve” design definitely attracts attention and makes the device stand out in the sea of similar smartphones available today. However, the design is undoubtedly extremely flamboyant, so people who like phones with a more understated appearance should search elsewhere. The shiny coating makes the phone a little slippery and draws a lot of fingerprints.

At just 7.89mm thin, the new Realme cheap smartphone sports sharp edges and rounded corners. Like most, if not all, modern smartphones, the Realme 11x 5G is a little too tall, which makes using it with one hand challenging. Midnight Black and Purple Dawn are the two colors that are offered for the phone.

Performance and software

In tests like Geekbench 5, the Dimensity 6100+ trails the Exynos 1330 and Snapdragon 695 by a small margin. This is a result of the older Cortex A76 cores rather than the more modern Cortex A78. Despite this, the phone works well for routine tasks like online browsing, scrolling through social media, and watching videos. The UFS storage results in quick app opening times, and overall performance is smooth and quick enough for the budget. You do occasionally experience a slowdown, and the keyboard occasionally needs a few beats to catch up. Additionally, the processor occasionally has trouble keeping up with the 120Hz display, which causes stuttering animations.

With reliable frame rates and little heating, the Realme 11x 5G handles games surprisingly well. However, you will have to settle for HD graphics in Battlegrounds India rather than Ultra HD settings in Call of Duty. Additionally, there is a “Game Engine” on board that optimizes speed, declutters memory, and maintains frame rates. In Call of Duty, we averaged 58 frames per second, while in Battlegrounds India, we averaged 29 frames per second.

Both versions of the Realme 11x 5G include 128GB of internal storage, as was already mentioned. There is a dedicated microSD card slot that can accommodate memory expansion up to 2TB. It is very appreciated that there is a dedicated slot instead of the typical hybrid SIM/SD slot.

Our experience with our Airtel and Jio SIM cards showed that calls were clear and crisp, and 4G and 5G connectivity was constantly reliable. The single-firing speaker’s clarity and crispness make it wonderful for vocalists, but it’s not particularly notable for its bass or volume. A quick and responsive fingerprint sensor is also integrated on the side.

Realme UI 4.0, based on the most recent version of Android 13, is preinstalled on the Realme 11x 5G right out of the box. The software is stuffed with helpful features like “Smart Sidebar,” which lets you launch apps quickly; “App Cloner,” which lets you run two instances of the same app; “App Lock,” which does exactly what it says; “Game Engine,” which lets you play games; and “Phone Manager,” which lets you clear cached data and scan apps for viruses. The program is generally stable, responsive, and fluid.

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The OS’s constant bloat and the numerous program suggestions and recommendations are what detract from the software experience. In addition to the several pre-installed apps like Josh and Dailyhunt, the phone will attempt to fool you into installing numerous other apps both during setup and through the App Market.

We have recommendations in the Global Search, within the Realme apps like Internet and Phone Manager, as well as alongside the now-standard “Hot Apps” and “Hot Games” on the home screen. Additionally, these built-in apps bombard you with a lot of notifications. While many of these suggestions and notifications can be disabled, doing so is not always easy, so most users just end up getting used to them.

Realme 11x 5G Cameras

Realme 11x 5G Cameras

The 64MP primary camera has some mixed reviews. As long as there is enough light, it works well, producing images with crisp focus, above-average detail, and natural colors. The camera, however, has trouble in dim or erratic lighting.

Photos shot at night tend to be highly sharpened and occasionally extremely blurry. Additionally lacking is the dynamic range. The situation does benefit from night mode, especially when it comes to bringing in additional light. However, the processing speed is really slow.

Both the 8MP selfie camera and the 2MP portrait camera are in the same position. Both take mediocre pictures in well-lit conditions but struggle in low light.

Pro, time-lapse, and panorama modes are available in addition to the portrait and night modes. Additionally, there is a street mode that enables the use of specific filters. The back camera’s highest-quality video recording setting is 1080p. Given the absence of any optical stabilization, the footage is reasonably stable and detailed. However, quality suffers at night.


The Realme 11x 5G’s battery life left us pleasantly surprised. The 5,000mAh battery and the cutting-edge 6nm Dimensity 6100+ processor allowed the phone to go well over a day under moderate to heavy use. Throughout the day, we ran benchmarks, played games for around two hours, watched YouTube videos, used maps, and used social media services like WhatsApp and Instagram. This phone’s battery life might easily last longer than a day for users with less demanding workloads.

The SUPERVOOC 33W technology, according to Realme, can charge the phone from 0% to 50% in 29 minutes. For us, it took the charger 29 minutes to charge the phone from 0% to 44%, which is still fairly quick.

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A reliable entry-level 5G smartphone is the Realme 11x. The phone’s unique S-curve gradient design sets it apart from the competition and is its key selling point. Additionally, the battery life is outstanding, the display has a high refresh rate of 120Hz, the 33W SUPERVOOC fast charging allows for quick top-ups, daily performance is respectable for the budget, and there is a dedicated microSD card.

The bloated, disorganized software, which is littered with app recommendations, and the unreliable cameras, though, are what make the phone fall short. Despite the exceptional quality of the LCD panel, some consumers might be turned off by the absence of an AMOLED display.

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