Philips TAB7007 2.1 Soundbar Review: A compelling choice with excellent value for your investment

Philips TAB7007 2.1 Soundbar Review: Sound quality has become critical as over-the-top (OTT) services continue to transform our at-home entertainment experience. With their small size and strong designs, soundbars fill the gap between integrated TV speakers and elaborate home theater systems. Soundbars fill the void left by most LED TVs’ poor sound systems by being easy to use, reasonably priced, and capable of converting any space into a small home theater. The Philips TAB7007 2.1 soundbar was just released by Philips and retails for Rs 9,999. This is our opinion of the gadget.

Philips TAB7007 2.1 Soundbar Review


The soundbar’s unique triangular form is what sets it apart from the competition. Two tweeters and two drivers are included, and together they produce excellent sound quality; more on this later. Overall, the soundbar’s small size guarantees that it won’t take up much room, and the useful tactile controls on top make switching sources and modes simple.


The lack of a display is a disadvantage, though, and it can take some time to figure out which LED light combinations correspond to which sound style. Positively, it has a good range of connectivity choices, such as Bluetooth 5.3, optical, AUX, and HDMI 1.4 (ARC connector).

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The Philips TAB7007 2.1 soundbar provides excellent performance for a reasonably priced product. It offers audio that is exceptionally crisp and clear, which can work well for consumers on a tight budget. But in terms of bass, it falls short, and action movie fans may find the absence of that thunderous low-end presence to be disappointing.

However, this soundbar is ideal for consumers who value clear and understandable audio. It’s important to remember that the spatial audio experience isn’t very immersive due to the low channel separation. Nevertheless, the sound quality is still excellent, and it does a great job of clearly capturing voices and speech.

It maintains a balance between design and performance while upholding financial limits, emphasizing sound quality, which is ultimately what counts. It is a viable choice to take into account, particularly when cost is a major consideration. However, those who like a more intense bass experience may find that other alternatives, such as the JBL, better meet their needs. Similarly, the Samsung is a different option to consider that can provide a different combination of capabilities if HDMI ARC support is not a major requirement.


When looking for a high-quality audio solution under Rs 10,000, consider the Philips TAB7007 2.1 soundbar. If you own an inexpensive 43- or 50-inch television that would otherwise have poor sound quality, this soundbar is a perfect solution. Its small size and smooth integration into any home entertainment system maximize sound quality without drawing attention to themselves. The Philips TAB7007 2.1 soundbar is a cost-effective alternative that provides rich, immersive sound quality.

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