CMF Buds Pro Review: Elevating Style and Sound with Nothing’s Sub-Brand

CMF Buds Pro Review: There are many options in the congested market for true wireless earbuds, all fighting for your attention. The CMF Buds Pro, a product of Nothing, a sub-brand that has been making waves in the IT world, is one recent entry into this field. The CMF Buds Pro drew my interest with their eye-catching design and promise of amazing audio quality. Now that I’ve tested them, I’m prepared to express my opinions on this new product.

CMF Buds Pro Review

CMF Buds Pro Review

Design and Build Quality

Let’s begin with the visual appeal. There are three tempting color options for the CMF Buds Pro: dark grey, light grey, and a vivid orange. They certainly look amazing, especially considering that the device I had for evaluation was a striking orange color. The matte coating gives the smartphone a high-end appearance while also preventing annoying smudges. The charging cover and the buds have a simple style that I really liked. Although it seems substantial and has nice build quality, it might not be the most solid out there.

Comfort and Fit

The remarkable comfort that the CMF Buds Pro provides is one of its best qualities. They remained securely in my ears throughout prolonged use and runs outside. I’d gladly give these earbuds full marks for comfort.

Audio Quality

The sound quality of an earbud set is a crucial component, and the CMF Buds Pro exhibit exceptional excellence in this regard. The sound quality is, to put it mildly, outstanding thanks to the Dynamic Bass Boost Driver. These earbuds are so expensive that if you gave them to someone else without telling them, they would definitely think they were high-end TWS. The audio profile achieves the ideal balance, staying away from the extremes of either too much or too little bass, which are sometimes found in less expensive options.

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Noise Cancellation

CMF Buds Pro

Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation on the CMF Buds Pro achieves an amazing 45 dB reduction in noise. Even though it might not be able to compete with the best ANC headphones currently available, it nevertheless performs admirably for the money. It is effective in canceling out most background noise, making for a relaxing listening experience.

Battery Life

While not revolutionary, the CMF Buds Pro’s battery life is impressive. They provide up to 11 hours of playing on a single charge when ANC is turned on, and the charging case extends that to 39 hours overall. Moreover, five hours of playback can be achieved with just ten minutes of charge thanks to rapid charging capabilities. I was able to get about four days’ worth of use out of it with moderate use, which included receiving daily business calls and listening to music while working out.

Call Quality and Connectivity

I’m really happy with these earbuds for making calls. I used these with different devices and had no trouble connecting to calls; callers came through well. It’s important to note that the CMF Buds Pro do not support multi-device connectivity, which may cause some users to experience a small annoyance.

CMF Buds Pro Price

Dark Grey, Light Grey, and Orange are the three color options available, and the price is Rs 3,499


Finally, the CMF Buds Pro by Nothing are a very attractive set. Their remarkable attributes comprise an eye-catching style, exceptional comfort, and remarkable sound quality that surpasses their cost. While not the best, the battery life is reasonable and should be adequate for the majority of users. The CMF Buds Pro should be on your radar if you’re looking for affordable true wireless earbuds that are both fashionable and sonorous. They present compelling arguments in favor of the TWS world’s blending of style and substance.

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