The Salman Khan Firing Incident: Unraveling the Sequence of Events

Why did unknown guys open fire outside Salman Khan’s Galaxy Apartments on Sunday morning? Who took credit for the shooting incident? What is the state of the case right now? And more.

Salman Khan’s family was experiencing an otherwise typical Sunday at Galaxy Apartments in Bandra, Mumbai, when gunfire broke the calm in their house. The event occurred early on April 14, causing chaos in the home.

The day was anything but normal, with the Mumbai Police arriving on the scene with lightning speed and Anmol Bishnoi, Lawrence Bishnoi’s brother, taking credit for the gunshots. This is a thorough timeline of what happened, showing the quick succession of events that happened during the day.

The incident involving the firing

Two unidentified individuals opened fire outside Salman Khan’s Mumbai home on April 14 at approximately five in the morning. Khan and his family’s safety was called into question by the occurrence, which prompted the local authorities to launch an investigation.

CCTV recording

Authorities had trouble identifying the culprits in the shooting outside Salman Khan’s house during the first investigation. CCTV footage covered the bike’s number plate and made it difficult to see the criminals’ faces. The fact that the shooting was a drive-by made things more difficult because both riders were seen wearing helmets, which made it more difficult to identify them.

Using witness testimony from those who heard the gunfire, the Bandra police continued to file a FIR against the unidentified people in spite of these difficulties. The current inquiry is further complicated by the discovery of a two-wheeler that is thought to be related to the incident near the actor’s residence.

Salim Khan’s response

Salman Khan’s father, seasoned screenwriter Salim Khan, responded to the incident by expressing concern for his son’s safety and requesting a comprehensive investigation. Following the event, the renowned screenwriter took a stroll. “Salim Khan is not perturbed at all and carried out his routine as always,” a source was cited by ETimes. The family exercises extreme caution. Salman Khan is among them and is doing well.


As soon as Pooja Bhatt learned that Salman was the target of gunfire, she posted on X, “Horrific and condemnable.” It is reasonable to conclude that safety is a myth if this can occur while a police van is positioned outside the Khan home for protection. Definitely need stricter surveillance in Bandra. Before, there were several robberies, and now there is a shootout? frightful

After the frightening event, family members and well-known individuals hurried to provide support and solidarity. Concerned for Salman’s safety, Arbaaz Khan, Sshura Khan, Sohail Khan, Aayush Sharma, Arpita Khan, and filmmaker Mahesh Manjrekar were among the first to arrive at his house. To emphasize the seriousness of the situation, prominent politicians such as Raj Thackrey, Rahul Kanal, and Baba Siddiqui were also seen at the actor’s home.

Salman Khan received a phone call from Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde, who offered assurance and assistance during this difficult period. leader of the NCP-SCP, Supriya Sule, meanwhile, denounced the incident, calling it a “total failure of the Home Ministry” and highlighting the necessity of taking prompt, firm measures to protect public safety.

What Anmol Bishnoi said

The shooting incident outside Salman Khan’s home was purportedly claimed to be Anmol Bishnoi’s fault in a Facebook post. The article was allegedly written in Hindi by Anmol, who is also suspected of being involved in the murder of Punjabi artist Sidhu Moosewala. In it, Anmol expressed the desire for peace but warned of the potential consequences if oppression was encountered.

Anmol warned Salman Khan not to underestimate their strength in the tweet, citing the names of two pet dogs that are purportedly named after prominent underworld personalities, Dawood Ibrahim and Chhota Shakeel. They addressed Salman Khan directly. The final words of the post, “Jai Shri Ram,” conveyed a strong religious feeling. Authorities are currently looking into the post’s veracity as well as Anmol’s purported involvement in the shooting.

CBI takes over

After taking over the case, the Mumbai Crime Branch sent out more than ten teams to carry out a comprehensive investigation. New pictures allegedly taken from a fresh CCTV tape that appear to show the two attackers have appeared online; however, the police have not confirmed these reports. Authorities did, however, reveal to the media that one of the attackers may be from Gurugram, which gives the investigation a new angle.

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