Sony Advice to Game Developers Regarding Ray-Tracing for PS5 Pro

The next Sony PS5 Pro is rumored to have an updated CPU, quicker memory, and a new PSSR upscaling technology for better images.

Many sources claim that Sony is currently requesting that game developers optimize and prepare their works for the upcoming PS5 Pro, which is anticipated to launch in late 2024 and is rumored to be three times faster than the standard PS5. Sony recently debuted the slim version of the PS5 gaming console in India.

The internal name of the PlayStation 5 Pro is Trinity, and it is rumored to go official in Q4 2024, around the holidays, according to a YouTube video from the Moore’s Law channel (which is presently offline because of a copyright claim by Sony).

Screenshots from the PS5 Pro’s technical literature were included in the film, providing a comprehensive understanding of the features, specs, and capabilities of Sony’s most sophisticated game console. According to reports, the Sony PS5 Pro can calculate at a rate of 67 teraflops for 16-bit floating-point or 33.5 teraflops for single-precision calculations. This means that it can render images 45% faster than the standard PS5.

Insider Gaming reported that the PS5 Pro would have graphics power comparable to the Radeon RX 7800 XT, which can easily render graphics in 4K resolution with up to three times better ray-tracing performance and offer up to 8K resolution output in performance mode. The PS5 Pro is still based on AMD compute. The article also notes that, as of September 2023, Sony has been seeding DevKits for studios.

The PS5 Pro’s CPU can run at up to 3.85GHz, which is 10% faster than the PS5’s 3.5GHz clock speed, according to an earlier leak. It is also supposed to include PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution (PSSR) upscaling technology, which will intelligently convert 1080p resolution content to 4K quality, and quicker memory with up to 576GB/s.

In order to assist consumers distinguish between the PS5 and the PS5 Pro, the PS5 Pro is expected to come in a different form factor and cost more than the PS5 due to all of these hardware changes.

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