Top YouTube Channels for Boosting Your General Knowledge


The Importance of General Knowledge

General knowledge is like a Swiss army knife for the mind. It not only makes you a great conversationalist but also helps you understand the world better. From historical events to scientific principles, knowing a bit about everything can be incredibly useful. But how do you keep expanding your knowledge without feeling overwhelmed? Enter YouTube.

Why YouTube is a Great Learning Platform

YouTube isn’t just for cat videos and music. It’s a treasure trove of educational content that can make learning fun and accessible. The visual and auditory elements help reinforce information, making it easier to remember. Plus, you can learn at your own pace. So, grab some popcorn, and let’s dive into the top YouTube channels that can boost your general knowledge.

1. CrashCourse

Overview of CrashCourse

If you’re looking for comprehensive and engaging lessons on a variety of subjects, CrashCourse is your go-to channel. Created by John and Hank Green, this channel offers high-quality educational videos on topics ranging from history to biology.

Popular Series on CrashCourse

CrashCourse has an impressive library of series. The World History series, for example, breaks down complex historical events into digestible, entertaining episodes. Their Psychology series is another gem, offering insights into human behavior and mental processes.

2. TED-Ed

What is TED-Ed?

TED-Ed is the educational arm of TED, known for its powerful talks. TED-Ed’s animations and narrations bring learning to life, covering topics that spark curiosity and creativity.

Noteworthy TED-Ed Lessons

One standout lesson is “The Hidden Life of Rosa Parks,” which goes beyond her iconic role in the Civil Rights Movement. Another must-watch is “What Causes the Northern Lights?” – a fascinating exploration of this natural phenomenon.

3. Vsauce

The Appeal of Vsauce

Vsauce, hosted by Michael Stevens, is all about answering intriguing questions and exploring strange phenomena. Michael’s engaging storytelling makes complex ideas accessible and entertaining.

Memorable Vsauce Videos

“Is Your Red the Same as My Red?” dives into the science of color perception. Another classic, “What If Everyone Jumped at Once?” explores the hypothetical impact of such an event on Earth.

4. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

Introduction to Kurzgesagt

Kurzgesagt, German for “in a nutshell,” is known for its beautifully animated videos that simplify complex scientific concepts and philosophical questions.

Top Videos on Kurzgesagt

“Optimistic Nihilism” offers a unique perspective on finding meaning in life. “The Fermi Paradox” explores the possibilities of extraterrestrial life and why we haven’t found it yet.

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5. National Geographic

Exploring National Geographic’s Content

National Geographic’s YouTube channel brings its iconic magazine to life with stunning visuals and in-depth documentaries on nature, science, and culture.

6.2 Must-Watch National Geographic Series

The “Explorer” series takes viewers on adventures around the world, while “Science Fair” showcases the brilliance of young scientists tackling real-world problems.

6. Veritasium

7.1 Why Veritasium is Unique

Derek Muller, the creator of Veritasium, focuses on science and engineering topics, often challenging common misconceptions and presenting counterintuitive findings.

7.2 Standout Veritasium Episodes

“Misconceptions About Temperature” clarifies how we perceive temperature changes. “The Most Radioactive Places on Earth” takes a surprising look at natural and man-made radiation sources.


The Concept Behind AsapSCIENCE

AsapSCIENCE, created by Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown, uses colorful animations to answer science-related questions in a fun and engaging way.

Popular AsapSCIENCE Topics

Their video “The Science of Aging” breaks down the biological processes behind aging. “Could We Stop an Asteroid?” explores the science and logistics of asteroid deflection.

8. SmarterEveryDay

Meet SmarterEveryDay

Destin Sandlin’s SmarterEveryDay is all about curiosity-driven exploration, often featuring experiments and adventures that make science relatable.

Best SmarterEveryDay Episodes

“How a Cat Lands on Its Feet” uses high-speed cameras to unravel the physics behind cats’ agility. “The Backwards Brain Bicycle” challenges viewers to rethink how we learn and adapt.

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9. SciShow

What is SciShow?

SciShow, hosted by Hank Green and others, offers quick, informative videos on a wide range of scientific topics, from the quirky to the profound.

Key SciShow Series

“Quick Questions” addresses curious questions you might never think to ask. “SciShow News” keeps viewers updated on the latest scientific discoveries and advancements.

10. MinuteEarth

Understanding MinuteEarth

MinuteEarth provides short, animated videos that explain environmental science topics in an easily digestible format, perfect for quick learning sessions.

Memorable MinuteEarth Videos

“How to Make Clouds from Scratch” is a fascinating look at cloud formation. “The Story of Our Planet” provides a concise history of Earth’s geological and biological evolution.

11. BrainCraft

The Focus of BrainCraft

BrainCraft, hosted by Vanessa Hill, explores psychology, neuroscience, and human behavior, often through engaging experiments and stories.

Highlighted BrainCraft Episodes

“The Psychology of Conspiracy Theories” examines why people believe in conspiracies. “How to Be Happier” offers science-based tips for improving your well-being.

12. Numberphile

The Appeal of Numberphile

Numberphile is dedicated to the wonders of mathematics. Hosted by Brady Haran, the channel makes math interesting and accessible, even for those who aren’t math enthusiasts.

Notable Numberphile Videos

“The Beauty of Pi” explores the mysteries of this famous constant. “Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden Ratio” reveals the mathematical patterns found in nature.

13. Extra Credits

Exploring Extra Credits

Extra Credits started with video game analysis but has expanded to cover history, mythology, and more, always with a focus on storytelling and educational value.

Significant Extra Credits Series

“Extra History” dives deep into historical events and figures. “Extra Mythology” explores myths from various cultures, highlighting their lessons and significance.


Whether you’re a lifelong learner or just looking to satisfy your curiosity, these YouTube channels offer a wealth of knowledge on diverse topics. From science and history to math and psychology, there’s something for everyone. So next time you’re on YouTube, check out these channels and start your journey towards becoming a general knowledge guru.

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Which channel is best for science-related general knowledge?

For science-related content, Vsauce, Veritasium, and SciShow are excellent choices. Each offers a unique approach to making science engaging and understandable.

Can these channels help with academic studies?

Absolutely! Channels like CrashCourse and TED-Ed are particularly useful for supplementing academic studies, providing clear and concise explanations on a variety of subjects.

Are these channels suitable for all age groups?

Yes, most of these channels create content that is suitable for a wide range of ages. TED-Ed and National Geographic are particularly good for both kids and adults.

How often is new content uploaded?

Upload schedules vary. Channels like SciShow and AsapSCIENCE often post weekly, while others like Kurzgesagt might have less frequent but highly polished videos.

Are there any channels similar to these?

Yes, other great channels include CGP Grey, It’s Okay To Be Smart, and Brain Scoop, each offering their own unique style and focus on educational content.

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