Top 9 Quiz Apps in India to Make Money in 2024

Finding ways to make money online has gotten simpler as technology develops. Quiz apps are a terrific way to make some additional money and are growing in popularity in India. The top quiz apps to make money in India for 2024 are given below, and using them will definitely help you earn some additional money. They are dependable, secure, and simple to use. Why wait? In order to start earning money in India in 2024, try using these top quiz applications.

What are the benefits of using quiz apps to make money?

Engagement: Using quiz apps is a fantastic way to earn money while keeping your mind sharp. You can improve your ability to think analytically and cognitively while gaining wonderful rewards.

Test Your Knowledge: Quiz applications provide you the chance to evaluate your knowledge and receive bonuses for your effort. These apps can constantly help you improve your skills.

Flexible: Quiz applications are simple to use and accessible at any time and from any location. This means that quiz applications are appropriate for both students and working adults.

List of the Top 9 Indian Quiz Apps for Making Money

1. Qureka

Qureka logo

Users of the mobile gaming software Qureka have access to a variety of entertaining and engaging trivia games. In order to advance in the game and receive rewards, players can compete against one another in real-time by responding to questions on a range of subjects. Users can take part in leaderboards and tournaments to compete for interesting rewards. You can take quizzes on Qureka about the Cricket World Cup, the Indian Premier League, Indian cricketers, the UPSC exam, the SSC test, and the Bank PO exam.

2. Brainbaazi

Brainbaazi Logo

People can participate in live quiz competitions on the online quiz site BrainBaazi and win real money. Players can participate in the quiz and respond to questions about a variety of subjects, including current events, sports, movies, geography, and more. Players can also issue challenges to their loved ones to take the quiz and compete for the cash prizes. You can play quizzes on BrainBaazi, such as those about Hollywood, Bollywood, GK, and math.

3. Bujho To Jaane

Bujho Toh Jaane logo

An Indian game show called Bujho Toh Jaane employs a quiz style to assess the contestant’s general knowledge. Answering questions about a range of subjects, such as current events, history, geography, and culture, allows contestants to compete for a cash award. The format of the show, which is interactive and entertaining, as well as its humorous tone, have made it popular.

There are many different kinds of quizzes available on Bujho Toh Jaane, including general knowledge, cricket, English learning, Bolly & Hollywood, and competitive exam quizzes.

4. Qunami

Qunami logo

An online quiz platform called Qunami Quiz allows users to assess their knowledge and develop their skills in a variety of areas. It is made with students, instructors, and professionals in mind, assisting them in keeping up with the most recent developments and information in their respective disciplines. It provides a huge selection of tests and questionnaires that are adjusted according on the user’s proficiency and the topic of interest. You can play quizzes with Qunami in the categories of science, entertainment, culture, and general knowledge.

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5. Taskbucks

Taskbucks Logo

With the help of the web platform Taskbucks, users may get paid for completing tasks including surveys, app downloads, video watching, and gaming. Paytm cash and other gift cards, which can be used to buy goods and services, are given to users as rewards. Users can also refer friends and receive additional prizes by doing so.

You can take quizzes on general knowledge, sports, Bollywood, business, history, and the Indian Premier League.

6. eQuiz

eQuiz logo

With the help of the online quiz platform eQuiz, users can design, host, and host quizzes, as well as see and score outcomes. It includes a variety of features, such as choices for sharing and embedding quizzes, as well as customized options for questions, response formats, photos, and audio files. Additionally, eQuiz offers tools for monitoring quiz performance, such as user information, completion rates, and response times.

7. Trivia Earn

Trivia Earn Logo

A mobile app called Trivia Earn lets users test their knowledge and receive incentives for providing accurate answers. Users can compete with other users to earn points by answering a number of trivia questions on a variety of topics that are included in the app. You can exchange points for incentives like gift cards and vouchers. Users can compare their scores with those of other users on the scoreboard provided by the app.

8. BlastOff Trivia

BlastOff Trivia Logo

For mobile devices, there is a fun and engaging trivia game called BlastOff Trivia. It offers players a competitive and thrilling experience and includes a large range of trivia questions on numerous subjects. To determine who can correctly answer the most questions, players can compete with their friends. The game also provides a variety of bonuses and prizes that can give players an advantage over their rivals. A terrific way to challenge your knowledge and have fun with friends is BlastOff Trivia.

9. Zupee

Zupee logo

A platform for online gaming is Zupee. Users can play a variety of online quiz games and compete against other users on this website. It also provides incentives for completing tasks and accruing points. Additionally, the website provides tournaments, leaderboards, and exclusive incentives for top players. The games are made to put the player’s knowledge and abilities to the test. Additionally, the platform offers statistics and insights to assist users monitor their success.

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In India, playing quizzes is an excellent method to make money. They provide players with a fun and demanding method to put their knowledge to the test and boost their earnings. Playing quiz games may be a lucrative endeavor with the appropriate approach and a little bit of luck.


What app is most suitable for an online quiz?

Online quiz apps include Qureka, Brainbaazi, Qunami, Taskbucks, eQuiz, Zupee, and more.

Which quiz app offers rewards?

There are a number of quiz applications available that pay out, including Winzo, Loco, Plat & Win, Brainbaazi, and more.

Which quiz website enjoys the most popularity?

One of the best-known quiz apps is Taskbucks, where you can play quizzes to win ₹50 per hour.

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