Amazon World Rivers Day Quiz Answers Which River Is Known As Picturesque Dudhsagar Waterfall In Goa?

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Which River in Goa Is Known as the Stunning Dudhsagar Waterfall? Amazon Test

The Mandovi River is also known as the magnificent Dudhsagar Waterfall in Goa.

Goa’s Mandovi River is famous for its spectacular Dudhsagar Waterfall. The “Sea of Milk” name alludes to this beautiful natural wonder’s cascading waves, which resemble frothy milk dropping from a great height.

When the river is at its fullest during the monsoon season, the Dudhsagar Waterfall is breathtaking. The waterfall’s beauty is complemented by the lush flora that surrounds it, making Goa a must-see destination for tourists and nature enthusiasts. Everyone who arrives will have a fantastic time because it’s a great place to relax, enjoy the lovely surroundings, and even have a refreshing dip in the tranquil waters.

Amazon World Rivers Day Quiz Answers

  • Answer 1 – Mandovi River
  • Answer 2 – Tibet
  • Answer 3 – Ganga River
  • Answer 4 – Luni River
  • Answer 5 – True

Amazon World Rivers Day Quiz Answers: Win ₹15000

You can join the prize drawing by correctly answering all five questions.

Q1: Which River Is Known As Picturesque Dudhsagar Waterfall In Goa?

Vaigai River
Bhima River
Mandovi River
periyar river

Answer 1 (C): Mandovi River

Q2: The Brahmaputra River Originates In Which Country Before Entering India?

  1. Tibet
  2. Japan
  3. Nepal
  4. Bhutan

Answer 2 (A): Tibet

Q3: Which River Forms The Famous Sundarbans Delta And Is Home To Bengal Tigers?

  1. Penna River
  2. Ganga River
  3. Kaveri River
  4. Godavari River

Answer 3 (B): Ganga River

Q4: Which River Is The Lifeline Of The Desert State Of Rajasthan?

  1. Narmada River
  2. Sutlej River
  3. Luni River
  4. Tapi River

Answer 4 (C): Luni River

Q5: Although Rivers Account For Only A Small Amount Of Freshwater, This Is Where Humans Get A Large Portion Of Their Water From. True Or False?

  1. True
  2. False

Answer 5 (A): True

How to Play the World Rivers Day Amazon Quiz

Step 1: Use the search bar to navigate to the Funzone page.

Step 2: Scroll down in the funzone area to locate the World Rivers Day quiz.

Step 3: Once you have the poster, tap to open the contest.

Step 4: Complete the quiz with correct answers for a chance to win ₹15000.

Step 5: Tweet all of your proper screenshots, tagging @amazonIN and using the appropriate hashtags.

Amazon’s World Rivers Day Quiz Contest Details:

No of Questions:5
Winning Prize: ₹15000
Organizer: Amazon App only
Contest Commence: 13th September 2023 to 26th September 2023
Hashtag: #World Rivers Day Quiz
Winner Announcement:27th September 2023

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